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Tourism farm Smodiš Otovci
We are fruit and wine producing farm.

Access : from Murska Sobota towards Hodoš; in Mačkovci is a signpost for Otovci.
Languages of comunicating: English, German, Croatian

Surroundings of farm in the middle of "Goričko" offer rich possibilities for walks, cycling, children can meet sheepes, most prefer they are against two donkeys, they are kind and allow young visitors even ridings.


Otovci is a village in atmost northern part of municipality Puconci on range of landscape park Goričko, on altitude between 340 and 390 meters. In the village spring up Mačkovci and Peskovci spring, the first one spring to south, the other spring eastwards, both of them round differend ways spring out to Black See. The village is beang spred out round hills and litle valleys on 681 ha surface and there live 270 inhabitants.

Many interesting things from earlier times are disappeared, some things are still here: proveribal kindness and hospitality of local peoples that were preserved through century this originally characteristic, people, of which history and also nature has threw them from one extreme to other and where are created they living space with shrinking wide forests, used wood for construction of homes, with ploughed a land to fertile field so they got a bread. In slope are hauses sorrundet with forest or fruit tree. Fruit garden and vineyard are between field and meadow. Mixed wood give a shelter to many animals and plants. In last couple years are very popular to gather mushrooms and with this have we a lot of unpleasantness. In woods are plenty of rubbish, noise and disturbing privat property. But there are stil great silent placeses proper for walks and relaxation in the nature. Dont wory, nobody from lokal people wont be disturbing you by peacefull enjoy in our surrounding. Warbing of birds and rustle of woods will surely impress you.


Besides this we have another interesting thing: Orchard, this is plantation of fruit trees, which were planted by important Slovene people. Also foreign statemen people have planted own trees. So we allways find a oportunity for meeting guests on a high level, where protocol isn't just urgent. In orchard is planted 112 different old varities of apple trees and pears.